Raga The Rnb - Living My Dream (Pt-4)

I continued to do my job but I never gave up on my music. I used to go to office in the morning and at night I used to work on my music. I earned some money every month but everyone knows what happens once you are in a job. I used to think everyday why am I doing this? I used to give all my salary to my parents and used to pay for my expenses from my music production earnings. I learned music production while I was in the job and I started getting Rs.6, 000-10,000 for music production. I produced good music and people appreciated it and paid me for it.

Raga the rnb (Anurag Atwal )

After continuing like this for 8 months I got fed up and I used to think every day that why these people who work with me in the office have no motto, dream or inspiration to be something different from the whole world. After quitting the job I and my band mate invested some money (few lakhs) to build a studio and to start production on professional level. 

Our parents refused initially and didn’t support us. Nobody in India who belongs to middle class family wants to see their children become musicians as they see this profession as something which will never be a good source of income. But in the end they accepted it and gave us the money and we started music production on professional level to make it the primary source of our earnings. With some promotions and lots of hard work I received good results and our business started to grow and now it is going really good. I have hired my own employees. I have my own music classes. I have worked with T-series and Sony music too.

I want to say that never work just for money. Work to bring out the creativity inside you and work to gain knowledge and experience. Money will come to you. Work hard and you will have to make many sacrifices as well. You don’t have to speak but your work will speak for you and do whatever you choose. Patience is very important. Be patient. I wanted to show to each and every person that I believed in my dream and I worked for it every day and now I am living my dream every single day.

If I can do it then anyone can do it. Find yourself in you.


  1. You made the right choice! by the way, how old are you?

  2. Hey great job best music..... Want to hear u live.. Best luck 2 u....

  3. I am just an amateur singer , doing BDS 2 nd year, want to become a playback singer,but I m just a student so no money no opportunity, bro what should I do .... I have decided acctually that I would try something after completing BDS , 5yrs course ... Is it right...plzz give a solution to this, you can check some of my music video here ...

  4. I will be highly obliged if you visit my page ...
    YouTube link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL1KQo7EXakQAZQz5b-_ggQ or search swapnanil Banerjee cover songs....


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