Raga The Rnb - Living My Dream (Pt-4)

I continued to do my job but I never gave up on my music. I used to go to office in the morning and at night I used to work on my music. I earned some money every month but everyone knows what happens once you are in a job. I used to think everyday why am I doing this? I used to give all my salary to my parents and used to pay for my expenses from my music production earnings. I learned music production while I was in the job and I started getting Rs.6, 000-10,000 for music production. I produced good music and people appreciated it and paid me for it.

Raga the rnb (Anurag Atwal )

After continuing like this for 8 months I got fed up and I used to think every day that why these people who work with me in the office have no motto, dream or inspiration to be something different from the whole world. After quitting the job I and my band mate invested some money (few lakhs) to build a studio and to start production on professional level. 

Our parents refused initially and didn’t support us. Nobody in India who belongs to middle class family wants to see their children become musicians as they see this profession as something which will never be a good source of income. But in the end they accepted it and gave us the money and we started music production on professional level to make it the primary source of our earnings. With some promotions and lots of hard work I received good results and our business started to grow and now it is going really good. I have hired my own employees. I have my own music classes. I have worked with T-series and Sony music too.

I want to say that never work just for money. Work to bring out the creativity inside you and work to gain knowledge and experience. Money will come to you. Work hard and you will have to make many sacrifices as well. You don’t have to speak but your work will speak for you and do whatever you choose. Patience is very important. Be patient. I wanted to show to each and every person that I believed in my dream and I worked for it every day and now I am living my dream every single day.

If I can do it then anyone can do it. Find yourself in you.

Raga The Rnb - Hard Work always pays off sooner or later(Pt-3)

After finishing college and with no job in hand when I went home with my B.Tech degree my parents were disappointed and depressed because they had spend a lot of money on my Engineering with a hope that after completing I will get a job but that didn’t happen. So I started taking coaching for MBA and I wrote the exam but was not able to clear it. I was not that intelligent. After all this I got depressed too. But I thought to do M.Tech and studied for a year wrote the GATE exam but no luck then studied for IES but no success in that too.

I used to sit at home and think about why nothing is working out but even in those difficult times I never left my music. My parents used to say many things to me like I am all grown up and I should get a job and without a job how I will take care of my own family. Those days were the most depressing days of my life but still I used to think something good is waiting for me.

Raga The Rnb

I started my music production at that time and  I started doing recordings for other artists and I helped them in making their songs with my mixing so that I won’t have to ask money from my parents. I recorded songs for Rs. 500- 800 per song with mixing and mastering. My parents still used to nag me to get a job. I gave many interviews through Naukri.com but got rejected every time then after many failed attempts I got a job in a company as a Sales Engineer.

When I gave it a thought I felt that how ironic is this that I started as a Doctor by opting for Biology and I ended up becoming an Engineer. I studied for MBA, IES and GATE but all this for nothing and now I am a Sales Engineer which has nothing to do with what I studied in college or in coaching. All the money spent just went down the drain and now my work is just to sell the products of this company.

You must be thinking that did I give up? And settled for that job and left Music forever? Because that is what everyone wanted me to do. You will find out …………………………….To be continued.

Raga The Rnb - A Step forward in music (Pt -2)

Everything was going nice and easy but not for long soon some clashes started happening within the band and some members got distracted so it broke the band. Some members joined some other bands.
After D18 there were so many bands that came to existence. Our songs inspired many but I lost some band mates because they chose some other bands. We were three after first few clashes then it reduced to two and then to one. It was just me and one more band mate left from the original members in the end. Now I am doing independent music and also working with my partner.
After 5-6 years from when we started I was left with one band mate. 

Raga The Rnb

When I was in high school I chose Biology first and wanted to be a Doctor but I got scared because everyone told me that I will have to study a lot to be a Doctor so then I changed my plan and ended up doing Engineering. I am the elder brother in the family of four members. My parents were not educated enough to guide me to choose a career path. There were only two streams that everyone used to choose either Engineering or doctor. After dropping the idea to become a Doctor I got admission in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

I performed very badly in Engineering and I got lots of backlogs. I was juggling Engineering and music both at the same time and everyone knows how many exams an Engineer has to go through to get a degree. I was not able to understand the system I was studying but still I got backlogs and my friends were just used to study from the sample papers and used to score good marks so I also thought of doing the same and I cleared all my backlogs. I can’t say much about the education system in our country but this is the only way to pass the exams that is what I learned in college.

You must be thinking that after finishing college and getting a degree successfully my life must have gotten a lot easier. Well, you will find that out soon………………..To be continued.

Raga The Rnb- Beginning of my musical journey (Pt-1)


This is Raga (Anurag Atwal).

I am a singer, songwriter, music producer and mix engineer at from New Delhi, India. I started my musical journey few years back when I was in college. I have done engineering in Electrical & Electronics but my interest was always in music.

Raga The Rnb

About my childhood

I grew up listening to Indian music as I am born in India so I had my first musical exposure to Indian music only. I got inspired from singers like Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Adnan Sami and many more.
I used to try to sing at home when I was a kid. I never went to a music school as we didn’t have enough money to afford that so I used to listen to music on cassettes that was the only way I used to practice. When I was in high school I started listening to English music and I remember I heard Michael Jackson’s song Billie Jean he became my inspiration. I used to listen to 80’s music, Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, Latin music and Chinese music as well. Those were good times and music was taking over my heart and mind.

About my adulthood

Soon after starting my college I started a band  named D18 with my friends. We started with Hip-hop music and I started as Rnb artist. Rnb to me is Soulful singing. Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Backstreet Boys (though it was Pop music) inspired me. I made many songs in two years though I didn’t have money for recording songs but the desire in me to make music was bigger than any circumstances or obstacles so I borrowed a mic from a friend and I watched some tutorials on YouTube. At that time the internet used to be very slow and there were not enough tutorials like we have now. It used to take a lot of time for video to buffer but I was patient. An artist should always have patience and I firmly believe that patience is the key to success. After watching some tutorials I plugged the mic to the PC and I used Acoustica mixcraft software, Reaper, Adobe Audition, Magix Samplitude etc. for mixing. I implemented all the things I have learned from tutorials and with that we created our very first song. It was a Eureka moment for me. We were very glad and excited to make our first song and to hear our voices in a song for the first time. We were also very excited about the idea that what will be the reaction of people to our song.

We faced a lot of criticism but we never let it stopped us or demotivate us and I kept moving forward. In around 2-3 years I made 20-25 tracks with my band. We used to put our songs on MySpace.com at that time (6 years back) all new artists used to put their songs on MySpace. It was an audio streaming website where artist used to receive feedback and comments on the songs.

The whole concept of creating a song was to download some beats from YouTube and write the lyrics on that. We used to write our own lyrics and everyone used to write lyrics for what they want to sing in the song.

Everything was going nice and easy but not for long ……………….. To be continued.


Raga The Rnb


This is Raga (Anurag Atwal).

I am a singer, songwriter, music producer and mix engineer from New Delhi, India. I started my musical journey few years back when I was in college. I have done engineering in Electrical & Electronics but my interest was always in music.

Raga (Anurag Atwal)

I grew up listening to Indian music as I am born in India so I had my first musical exposure to Indian music only. I got inspired from singers like Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Adnan Sami and many more. But after few years I started listening to English music and I explored many genres of music like Rnb, Hip-hop, Rock, Latin music and Chinese music etc. I liked all of them. At that time music was taking over my heart and mind.

When I went to college I started my own band named D18 and made many tracks. I did many shows at various places in Delhi and outside Delhi too. I performed in clubs and lounges but I always wanted to be more than just a singer. It was tough with no financial support as I belong to a middle class family and had no one with any connection to music. I struggled a lot for almost a decade but I always used to tell myself that I have to stay patient and keep moving forward no matter what. I have to chase my dream and one day I will live my Dream.

Today I am living my Dream every single day of my life. The purpose of writing this blog is that I want my story to reach to the world and to every person who has a Dream, purpose or a goal to be something different. I want them to know that if I can do it then anyone can do it.
Through this blog I will be sharing:-

  • My life experiences.
  • How to see yourself as an Artist in India.
  • How to start your career as a singer.
  • Tutorials on Music production, Music programming, Video production, Mixing/Mastering, vocal recording etc.
  • How to set up your own studio.
  • Which software is best in the market to use for the beginners and for advanced learners.
  • All the updates of  Raga’s latest songs and videos.

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