Raga The Rnb - Hard Work always pays off sooner or later(Pt-3)

After finishing college and with no job in hand when I went home with my B.Tech degree my parents were disappointed and depressed because they had spend a lot of money on my Engineering with a hope that after completing I will get a job but that didn’t happen. So I started taking coaching for MBA and I wrote the exam but was not able to clear it. I was not that intelligent. After all this I got depressed too. But I thought to do M.Tech and studied for a year wrote the GATE exam but no luck then studied for IES but no success in that too.

I used to sit at home and think about why nothing is working out but even in those difficult times I never left my music. My parents used to say many things to me like I am all grown up and I should get a job and without a job how I will take care of my own family. Those days were the most depressing days of my life but still I used to think something good is waiting for me.

Raga The Rnb

I started my music production at that time and  I started doing recordings for other artists and I helped them in making their songs with my mixing so that I won’t have to ask money from my parents. I recorded songs for Rs. 500- 800 per song with mixing and mastering. My parents still used to nag me to get a job. I gave many interviews through Naukri.com but got rejected every time then after many failed attempts I got a job in a company as a Sales Engineer.

When I gave it a thought I felt that how ironic is this that I started as a Doctor by opting for Biology and I ended up becoming an Engineer. I studied for MBA, IES and GATE but all this for nothing and now I am a Sales Engineer which has nothing to do with what I studied in college or in coaching. All the money spent just went down the drain and now my work is just to sell the products of this company.

You must be thinking that did I give up? And settled for that job and left Music forever? Because that is what everyone wanted me to do. You will find out …………………………….To be continued.


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