Raga The Rnb on Sabras radio (Interview)

Recently Raga the Rnb was interviewed by Sabras radio. Sabras Radio is an Asian commercial radio station in Leicester, England. Sabras Radio is available on 1260AM and broadcasts to the East Midlands and reaches other locations such as Birmingham, Coventry, and Milton Keynes. The Internet has now made Sabras global and the latest data show that its streaming service has been listened to in at least 76 countries.

Raga the Rnb was interviewed by Akshay Patel. He spoke to Raga about his new track “Lak Tera Curvy”. He congratulate him on his work, spoke about his journey and how he started. He talked about his influences, where he sees himself in future, what he is aiming for and his advice for the budding artists and lot more.

Check out the interview here :

Raga The Rnb 

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