Raga The Rnb - A Step forward in music (Pt -2)

Everything was going nice and easy but not for long soon some clashes started happening within the band and some members got distracted so it broke the band. Some members joined some other bands.
After D18 there were so many bands that came to existence. Our songs inspired many but I lost some band mates because they chose some other bands. We were three after first few clashes then it reduced to two and then to one. It was just me and one more band mate left from the original members in the end. Now I am doing independent music and also working with my partner.
After 5-6 years from when we started I was left with one band mate. 

Raga The Rnb

When I was in high school I chose Biology first and wanted to be a Doctor but I got scared because everyone told me that I will have to study a lot to be a Doctor so then I changed my plan and ended up doing Engineering. I am the elder brother in the family of four members. My parents were not educated enough to guide me to choose a career path. There were only two streams that everyone used to choose either Engineering or doctor. After dropping the idea to become a Doctor I got admission in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

I performed very badly in Engineering and I got lots of backlogs. I was juggling Engineering and music both at the same time and everyone knows how many exams an Engineer has to go through to get a degree. I was not able to understand the system I was studying but still I got backlogs and my friends were just used to study from the sample papers and used to score good marks so I also thought of doing the same and I cleared all my backlogs. I can’t say much about the education system in our country but this is the only way to pass the exams that is what I learned in college.

You must be thinking that after finishing college and getting a degree successfully my life must have gotten a lot easier. Well, you will find that out soon………………..To be continued.

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